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As we are celebrate our 50th year in business, The Richmond Group USA (TRG) has built its reputation as one of the nation’s most established and successful recruiting firms. Very few full-service staffing firms can boast that feat and it just proves our processes and techniques are unparalleled in the industry. Ever since 1967, our birth year, TRG has maintained the highest standards of professional, confidential, and ethical service. We undertake thorough background checks of every candidate and go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our clients and candidates. Unlike many other firms in the business, we do not directly recruit the employees of our clients. It would be a red flag if a recruiting firm couldn’t place the best people in positions for their specialty areas. As a result, our team is highly trained industry specialists with significant knowledge in their areas of expertise. Time after time, they succeed in difficult search placements because of their strong research and communication skills, not to mention, their extensive industry contacts. A warm lead, is always better than a cold one. Don’t let the name fool you, our reach is well beyond the Richmond city limits. We have clients and place candidates all over the world, showing no signs of slowing down but continuing to build on our market reach each and every day. The Richmond Group USA is the original member of the TRG Family of Companies. In addition to our full-service recruiting firm, we have several other members of the family to help our clients and candidates with all of their needs; PeopleSolutions, WorkRocket, HealthTrust Advisors, and Prime Legal. Why do we do what we do…because people matter.

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