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Best Interviewing Tips That Work

In the job interview scenario, you want to be a sharp and positive influence who has it all together — before you shake hands and have a seat. Familiarizing oneself with pre-gaming an interview is most important; I reassure you, the rites are practically foolproof if followed through, and humongously improves the chances of pulling the trigger on any job hunt […]

8 Excellent Resume Ideas

1. Have a clearly defined objective. Before writing your veteran resume, spend some time determining what precisely it is you are seeking in a career. Many people with diverse backgrounds make the mistake of being too general in their career objective. Learn how to write your career objective. If you don’t focus your skills and experiences […]

5 secrets to help veterans transition to a civilian job

You’re leaving the military and you’ve got your marching orders: Find a job in the civilian workforce. Get ready for a tough mission. While the employment situation for vets has improved over recent years, it’s still harder out there for you than it is for your non-military peers. According to the Monster/ Veteran’s Talent Index, post 9-11 […]